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Dr. Montessori saw her educational approach as one which should be universally accessed.  "Montessori" is not a trademark because she did not patent her name.  Due to this fact, any institution can to claim to offer a Montessori education. A.M.I. is the only association officially approved by Dr. Maria Montessori to continue her legacy.

The Montessori Children’s House of Hyde Park is the ONLY A.M.I. school in Tampa and the ONLY school in Florida that is accredited by both A.M.I. and F.C.I.S.

The Association Montessori Internationale was founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori.  She proposed that this organization was to have two goals:

  1. To further her life’s work in its original integrity and completeness;

  2. To guide its development and application in the interests of all children.

From its international headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, A.M.I. functions as the source of Montessori training, according to Dr. Montessori’s principles, as well as a center for continuing research and development.


Maria Montessori

A.M.I. teacher training is unique and the program is respected worldwide.  Many of the course trainers have studied with Dr. Montessori or her son and collaborate, Mario Montessori.

An A.M.I. certificate of recognition offers credibility to a school’s status within the educational community, as well as within the Montessori community.  It confirms a staunch support for Montessori principles put into practice.  To be considered for recognition a school must have:

  • An A.M.I. trained teacher at the appropriate age level in each class;

  • A consultation by an A.M.I. trained consultant once every three years;

  • A complete set of materials for each class from a manufacturer authorized by the A.M.I.;

  • A philosophical approach consistent with that which is given in the A.M.I. training courses;

  • Classes made up of children representing three year age ranges: 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12 years of age;

  • Classrooms of 28-35 children with a well-balanced division of ages to ensure social development;

  • Morning sessions five days per week for the entire class, with an added afternoon session for the older children in the 3-6 (Primary) class;

  • An uninterrupted three-hour work-cycle each morning;

  • No more than one aide in each primary class.


Schools must apply annually for A.M.I. recognition.  A school will receive a certificate only if they meet the rigorous criteria outlined above.  This insures that each A.M.I. accredited institution adheres to and maintains the highest standards for Montessori education.



The Montessori Children's House of Hyde Park is proud to be accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools (F.C.I.S.).  Founded in 1954, F.C.I.S. is the premier accrediting body for independent schools in Florida.  This council promotes the highest standards for PK-12 education through its accreditation process, professional development program, and advocacy efforts. 

It is one of only 10 state associations in the U.S. whose accreditation process has been recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools (N.A.I.S.).  The N.A.I.S. is the international authority on independent school accreditation representing schools in over 100 countries.

N.A.M.T.A. is an affiliate organization of A.M.I. For 40 years, N.A.M.T.A. has provided schools and teachers with expertise and vital services geared towards the highest standard of education.

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